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Our next workshop ... November 2017 (dates TBC)

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... will be held at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat in Queensland from 20-25 November this year. O'Reilly's is a perfect place to run this workshop. There are loads of animals to discover, spaces and stories to explore. Here's a film we made at O'Reilly's a few years ago.

Bill talks about his experience on tour

"I've been following Jason for many years. It was incredible for me to spend time with him on this trip. I learnt a lot about film-making and photography but what impressed me the most was how both Nick and Jason work long hours to get the shots they needed. I've now experienced that first hand." Bill Lamb, (photographer)

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Jason Edwards, Photographer

Jason's National Geographic image portfolio ranks among the largest of any photographer in the Society’s long history. His work has appeared in publications including BBC Wildlife magazine, Australian Geographic, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic magazine, the New Yorker, and Condé Nast Traveler. He is a regular recipient of awards “for his extreme efforts and absolute commitment to obtaining rare and amazing photographs.” More recently, he has been awarded the honour of becoming National Geographic’s Face of Pure Photography, giving television viewers in over 100 countries insights into the life of a wildlife photographer.


Nick Hayward, Film-maker

Nick is one of Australia’s top international cinematographers and an award-winning wildlife film cameraman and producer. Famously, Nick’s lyrebird sequence with BBC & Attenborough was voted by UK audiences as their “most favourite Attenborough moment of all time”. A lifetime wildlife enthusiast, Nick says, “I’ve always loved to contribute to conservation so I feel this is an interesting way to do it.”

Simon Mustoe, Wildiaries founder

Several years ago Simon Mustoe created Wildiaries with the sole purpose of “connecting people to nature”. Simon has spent a lifetime traveling and observing nature, running expeditions and working as a wildlife expert for large companies. Simon says “the emotional bond to home is a feeling we can all understand. When we travel we seek the company of those who care most about the place they live, nature’s power to inspire comes through strongly”.

"... to observe a wildlife film shoot and spend time learning alongside experts, experiencing the same things with them - on the same level - it was amazing!" Jessica Lea, (photographer, Jessica Lea Photography)

Wildlife Film and Photography Tours on Heron Island

Our last two tours were on the Great Barrier Reef. Below is a mixture of material we produced alongside our guests.

The Crew

The guests and crew waiting to leave to head home at the end of an exciting and fruitful trip.

Films by Our Guests

The Future of the Reef

Riley and Mackenzie Logan made this film about their exploits and love of the reef, including their fascination for free-diving and the impact that visiting the reef has had on them over the years.

Experiencing Sea Turtles

Bill Lamb made this short film during the tour, documenting his experiences with Sea Turtles and the impact it had on him.